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Lord Buddha Vehicle Tours Service (P.) Ltd.

Kathmandu, Nepal

Due to experience of tourism area since long time ago, there is needed to establish Lord Buddha Vehicle Tour Service Pvt. Ltd. It has training and study of tourism area in homeland and foreign country. To provide good service as good company to domestic and foreign country tourist, by the director of this company, this company is registered on 2064/10/5 B.S. (Jan. 19, 2008 A.D.) in Government of Nepal and it is running.

People in the world either may rich or poor or scientist or ordinary citizen or compatriot or foreigner, every person has inner leisure to roam/travel of good place and to take its satisfaction. Travel makes person healthy, reasonable and social. Therefore, as people become free, they make program to travel. Only the difference is that some person travel for entertainment, some for study and research, some person for scientific experience and some person travel for immovable historical movement of life.

Most of the people of the world like to travel Nepal. Because Nepali’s travel is historical, progressive and dignified Nepal is a beautiful country having distinct identity in the world.

Here in Nepal one can climb and observe the highest mountain of the world Himal. Lord Buddha was born in this country. Nepal is made by Himal, hill and Terai region. There are different types of creatures, birds, forests, rivers, streams and valuable herbals in Nepal. Nepal is a garden of various indigenous people, attires cultures, arts, monasteries and temples. Who will be the person who does not want to travel and observe Nepal. Every single year thousand of domestic and foreign tourists, observe and travel Nepal. But when I listen that vehicle service could not be provided as of their desire feel pain and sorrow. Therefore, with an objectives that tourist could take full pleasure by doing travel by full opinion vehicle desired by a tourist. Good company, good service to you Lord Buddha Vehicle Tour Service Pvt. Ltd. is committed and dedicated to provide service by good vehicle.

Objectives of Company

  • It will make available easy, full option and high standard vehicle to the tourists who come to travel Nepal.
  • To provide required advice, recommendation and information to travel in any place of Nepal and to make available road or air service for it.
  • To give vehicle for self-drive to domestic and foreign tourists.

Vehicles to provide service by the company

Car 4WD Jeep Hiace Coaster Mini Bus S.Bus Truck/Container JCB Excavator
  • In every single vehicle, there is fit A/C., seat belt, first aid box, A/C bag, fire existing, radio, music player etc.
  • In all vehicles, there is done insurance of travelers’ accident.
  • All vehicles drivers are school level passed, more than 5 years experience, knowledge or English, Nepali and other languages, special training obtained from Lord Buddha Vehicle Tour Service Pvt. Ltd., skilled and disciplined person will only be appointed vehicle driver.
  • If there is no guide, then our vehicle driver may provide guide service.
  • According to demand to transport goods or to do travel by domestic or foreign tourists, organizations, projects, diplomatic entity or other body, then in the agreement of suitable rate, different types of vehicles are made available at any time for any duration.
  • If you are thinking to travel in any part of Nepal, then remember directly Lord Buddha Vehicle Service Pvt. Ltd. and make immovable your travel duration; your travel will be successful 100% in 100%. It will be remembered as fruitful and life’s immovable pleasant.
  • Make your friend of travel to Lord Buddha Vehicle Tour Service. We will along with you for 24 hours. In every moment, to provide you happiness and comfort will be our desire and our successfulness.


Lord Buddha Vehicle Service Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to business service and its 2 times, we would dedicated to social service. In the act of God, natural calamity, accident and bad times of the country and people, we will be in the service of people with hand to hand. At times of landslides, flood and earthquake which has made greater loss to Nepal. It has made number of people homeless. In such situation, our company’s stream had done service by body, wealth and heart.

  • Earthquake of 2072 B.S. (2015 A.D.) in Nepal had made greater loss to property, birds, animals, houses and religious places. In 14 districts, it had made total loss including homeless and family-less. In total 14 districts, we run vehicles free of costs for rescue. We had carried garments, food stuffs and transported goods. We had made available vehicle to the social workers who were came from foreign country for recue.
  • We did rescue jointly along with the help and unity of monastery team and social organization.
  • Death is certain after birth in the world whether one may be rich or scholar or scientist or ruler or one’s good religious and social work remain alive. Though we are people of different community of different country, ultimately he/she is human and every ones blood is red. When a nation gets trouble, then nations help other. Like it, in trouble in order to travel any citizen of any country, Lord Buddha Vehicle Tour Service Pvt. Ltd. is always ready and committed for rescue.
  • Though Lord Buddha Vehicle Tour Service Pvt. Ltd. is a company operated by a small team yet it was done good work than big company and it has became popular company of custom, bars, Because, we have long experience, training, knowledge, reason, social feeling and all persons’ help and co-work.
  • Staffs of Lord Buddha Vehicle Tour Service Pvt. Ltd. are trained in their own departmental works. They trust, cooperate and co-work to each other.

Our Team

Executive: Chairman, Executive Manager, Manager

Public Relation Officer, Chief Accountant

Consultants: Legal, Vehicle, Finance

Advisor: Legal, Account, Taxation, Media Procurement


  • Having long experienced of tours sector and having done social service, Lord Buddha Vehicle Tour Service Pvt. Ltd. has received numbers of honors, Letter of honors, appreciations and prizes. Due to good leadership in a short period, company has made good name and it is identified all over the world for good service as good company.
  • Government of Nepal has declared tourism year to 2020, we have made a lot of tour programs for domestic and foreign country tourists. Lord Buddha Vehicle Tour Service Pvt. Ltd. fulfill or take responsibility of your travel’s successful and satisfied.